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Map of Lembas' address

Lembas Capital

64 Bleecker St #339, New York, NY 10012

+1 (650) 758-7138

We are located in New York's NoHo neighborhood, a 10 minute walk from Washington Square Park.

Work at Lembas

We’re always looking for people who are curious and enthusiastic about investing. If our Credo resonates with you, drop us a line.

Apply by API

If you can code (or have a friend who can), hit our API to apply. It’s , after all. We’ll give you extra credit if this is new for you. Please submit a POST request to our careers endpoint with a raw JSON request body.

Please include your basic information and a 3 sentence note on an investing idea you find compelling and why. If it’s private, note how you’d access it.

If you include a writeup, have some fun with it. Go deeper than the company’s investment presentations and the latest sellside coverage. Please focus on the product and keep it concise (2 pages max).

We’re looking for creativity and enthusiasm, not a checklist of skills on a resume. No worries if you can’t code – just email us at

  "firstName": "Warren",
  "lastName": "Buffett",
  "email": "",
  "resume": "",
  "idea": "We should invest in Coca-Cola. It’s addictive, it’s got no taste memory (I drink 5 a day), and my partner Charlie thinks they can net $.04/serving on 3 trillion servings by 2034",
  "optional": {
	 "website": "",
	 "twitter": "@anonbuffett",
	 "writeup": ""

Who We are Looking For

Investment Analysts

Lembas is considering a new addition to our investment team. We seek to understand companies’ products, teams, and investor bases.

Humanities and STEM backgrounds both warmly welcomed to apply.


Lembas is hiring for our internship program. We’ll put you on a live research project that matches your interests.

Remote optional. Mid-semester or summer. All backgrounds accepted; non-traditional backgrounds encouraged.

Something New

Not everyone takes the standard path.

We’re willing to create a special role for the right person. If you love investing and have a unique way of looking at things, reach out.